Where to start?!

I have podcasts, do website critiques, build super simple starter websites, audit brands, and take on a very few personal individual clients at any given time to keep me grounded in the day-to-day challenges facing Newbie Small Business builders and individual beginner platform creators.

I believe that building a website or creating a platform or starting a podcast, helps us figure out who we are and what we want to say. And that’s important to me.

Digital/Online Services (personal and small business):

$500Simple Starter Website build. I believe that having a website is a great way to figure out who you are. However, I also know that the initial process of choosing a host and a hosting package, installing wordpress, picking a theme, installing an SSL certificate and looking at the blank page that comes with a theme,,, you know, the ‘Hello World” post, can be quite overwhelming. To say nothing of the typical starter costs of $3000. I can build you a basic starter website in about a week for $500. I have made all the first decisions for you. This site is meant to handle your first year. In that year, you can make some changes based on your experience with the site. I’ll provide you with clear instructions of how to maintain the site for the first year as well as make basic changes. And of course, if you run into trouble, I’m available. For more information on this, click here.

$100Brand Audit– I audit your entire brand. Checking your rank on a Google search and making notes of where you land for your keywords. Also, providing details as to where your competition lands and likely reasons why they are ahead or behind you in a search. I’ll be making suggestions as to how you can improve your search results.

However, a Brand Audit doesn’t stop there. I’ll be checking out all your social media accounts and giving you a thorough report as to who you are to strangers. For more information on this, click here.

Website Critique– If you already have a small website, I’d love to check it out for you. I read every word, check every link, and report on my entire experience on your site. What does it look like to an outsider? Is the menu easily understood? What questions would I have that could be easily answered on your site? Am I motivated to contact you? Is there a clear Call to Action? For more information on this, click here.

$5Branding– Sometimes new small business owners are strapped for time doing everything else their small business needs. And sometimes they know they need to post on a somewhat regular basis, but don’t really have anything new to post. It’s ok. Because often what a small business needs is just to remind potential customers they are there. Touch base visually.

I create visual images to post on social media platforms. Each are sized to the proper dimensions of the platform you designate. I can use images that I’m already licensed to use (no copyright infringement) or you can supply a file of your own bright, clear, professional images. Check out the gallery for examples.

In person Services:

$variesHeavy-duty cleaning– The bigger the project, the better. Seriously, I love diving in to big cleaning projects. As an example of a perfect client: let’s say you are a 34 year old bachelor who has recently met someone and you’d like to invite her to your place for dinner. However, your place has not been cleaned since you moved in, 5 years ago. You don’t know if you own a vacuum cleaner, or a mop and bucket… but are pretty sure you have a broom… somewhere.

Or you have family visiting for the holidays but you and your spouse work full-time and just do not have the time, or frankly the interest, to prepare your home for guests.

I’ll clean your whole place, top to bottom, possibly a fresh coat of paint for serious issues, do the laundry, the dishes, go through the cabinets and discard expired food (if you want), clean out the fridge, wipe the windows (inside), organize the closets, and take stuff to the Goodwill for you. You KNOW you have stuff to get rid of.

Depending on the weather, I/we can straighten up your yard, too. Obviously, the cost of this service varies, dependent on the size of the job. I’m looking for jobs that will take a couple days, at least. Give me a call or email me and let’s talk about your needs and timeline.

$10-15/hr- Office Help– in my office or yours. I’m available to organize files, receipts or an entire office. Have you got a tax audit coming up and a plastic tote full of receipts for the last couple years?

I have experience in such endeavors. A client hired me to organize 3 years of receipts for a upcoming audit while she and her husband continued to work their regular jobs.

$variesErrands– Need your car to get an oil change or go to the shop? Need your furbaby to go to the vet but your work schedule won’t allow it? I’ve got you covered.

$variesBuild a deck/shed/barn– This may include tearing down and hauling away something that is already there. Check the gallery for the work we’ve done. Drop us an email with your project idea and time frame. Let’s see if we can do something together. Something that we have going for us that is hard to find in the construction field/home improvement arena, is that we actually show up.. on time.

$variesPaint a room, a house, an office– We can be as involved as you want us to be. We can help pick out a color or texture, and supplies, or we can just show up and paint. How much help do you want or need?

What are YOUR ideas? What do you need help with? We are open to any legal requests.