About Me/Us

Hey there!

I’m Dachia. I’m a full-time dog mom. I’ve got years of experience in different facets of business- from back of house to the front- virtual presence to physical.

I’ve lived in the Black Hills for about 10 years. No, I wasn’t born here… but I got here as fast as I could.

I’m a bit of an entrepreneur, although it’s a word I’m starting to think is overused. I love small businesses. And I support people creating side hustles.

Many people are trying to do it alone, and it can be pretty lonely and often overwhelming. As a consultant, I’m there for you. Whether you need advice, research or branding elements (website, posts, etc), I’m here.

I am very creative and like making my own schedule, and doing different things. Thus, I’m quite helpful on many different tasks.

My cohorts and I (family and from time to time, a friend or two) have references and 3 of us have been through multiple extensive background checks for various licenses over the years.

We actually live here. We don’t just blow through small towns and leave without a trace.

We do have other jobs that we need to schedule around, but are pretty flexible.

Drop me an email or a voicemail anytime (teal button on the right hand side). Let’s talk about what you need and how I/we can make it happen.

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