I cannot say enough about the Black Hills. I love them. I’ve called the Black Hills home for over 10 years. I’ve lived all over this incredible country, even the world, and there is nothing like the Black Hills. I feel like I’m part of the them. So when I refer to them, it is often as Us or We.

We have something for everyone here; Incredible landscape, wonderful people, solid job market and endless opportunities.

It is my goal to support the personalized guest service industry in the Black Hills. The Black Hills are known for their summer tourist season, but we are an incredible destination all year long. 

As a consultant to the personalized guest service industry, I help local businesses create a marketing strategy and incorporate social media into their plan.

If you own a Bed & Breakfast or rent out a cabin or room for short term vacations, I invite you to check out the Visit the Black Hills Alliance group on Facebook. This is a behind-the-scenes group, where owners and operators can discuss ideas with each other and develop strategies via partnering.

I’ve facilitated numerous Masterminds, and believe that joining forces with the competition makes for a stronger front along the lines. It is in all of our best interest to do all we can to see that every guest has an exceptional experience. There is plenty of business for everybody. Let me help you be a part of that abundance.

I would love to sit down with you and help you develop a business and marketing strategy and discuss how to incorporate social media.

I attend conferences and seminars and am a voracious researcher. I’ve taken the hours to months of learning and developed reports and presentations to help you create the amazing Personalized Guest Service Business you have always wanted.

The Black Hills already have a thriving tourist industry in the summer months. That infrastructure can handle more traffic even during peak season, but also exists all year long. And the Black Hills are just as amazing during the winter months. We have many visitors who just want to enjoy the beauty and solitude and our hospitality. While many of the tourist spots and service places such as restaurants and hotels close down for winter, there are plenty of absolutely amazing local establishments that are open all year long. And the trails are still a great place to spend a day, provided you are dressed for it.

If you have always wanted a business that caters personally to visitors or locals, but not sure where to start, let’s talk. I’m a project based consultant with an incredible amount of experience in sales and guest service in many different industries.

If you already have a business but would like to up-level it, I can help you. I would like to share my experience with you and guide you to the next level of business operation.

We, as a group, want every visitor to go home with an incredible memory. That reflects well on all of us here in the Black Hills. The personalized Guest Service Industry is referral-based. We need folks to go home and tell everybody they know how wonderful their stay with us was.

Through personal one-on-ones, written reports, seniors, group training, mastermind facilitation, and Meet-up Leadership, I can and want to help you build your business on a foundation of Guest Service, Honesty and Integrity.

There is nothing like the Black Hills. My goal is to share it with the world: one Personalized Stay at a time.

Leave me a voicemail any time: just click that purple button at the right hand side. You can also Text Me Now  or email me.

Let’s get started on your business journey.