Have you been telling yourself for months or years that you really need a website, but you can’t afford to hire someone to build you one and you have no idea how to do it yourself?

I get it. I was in your place too. I’ve been building and critiquing websites ever since… 15 years.

I’ve designed this course for total newbies.

I know there are hundred of decisions to make and each one needs research. It can be very overwhelming. I know many people who just give up, myself included in the beginning.

You’ve likely read a lot of VERY opinionated people discussing every aspect of a website. They will say X is better than Y with such authority, that even though you have no idea what they are referring to, you have been temporarily swayed toward X over Y until, of course, you then read how much greater Y is than X. Again, stated with great authority.

I understand.

I’ve made some decisions for you, in order to get you over the first hump. These decisions are based on my own experience of 15 years.

I’ve chosen WordPress to build with and I’ll walk you through every step of choosing a domain name, picking a host and building a site, virtually hand in hand.

This class is for people who want the process simplified as much as possible.

You will be in your website regularly.

And this leads me to my first and biggest takeaway. You need to have at least a basic understanding of how to work with it.

I know from experience that building your own website is often an overwhelming project.

Your questions seem endless?

What should my domain name be?
Where should I buy it?
Do I need a .com or are the other endings fine?
What sort of hosting do I need?
What is a good price for that?
What the heck am I doing?

I’m going to virtually hold your hand. I’ve been through it.

Within that year, like me, you’ll see what more you need.

These are the assumptions about you that I’ve made:

You have an idea for service.product or message but haven’t moved forward with it because there are too many decisions to make… too many moving parts.

You have little to no knowledge of how to go about building a website.

You have a dream and a goal of building something very personal to you. You want to keep it close to you. You want to keep it small and keep control of it.

Once you go through this simple course, you’ll be able to make changes or add on as you see fit.

Remember, your site is never done. There is always something you will want to tweak or change. This is just one more reason why you need build it yourself. So that you can make changes on your own.

This class meets virtually in a Facebook group where we can all learn with each other.

Teaching takes place in live videos in the group and students can work on their own site as we go. I’ll be live for 4-5 hours the day of class, before, during and after. Drop in as you want or need OR spend the whole time with me.

The group is always open to leave questions or ask opinions. We are all there to check out each other’s sites and give feedback.

I’ve critiqued hundreds of websites through the years, and I give great feedback.

At the end of the course, you’ll have a functioning, attractive website. You’ll have a good understanding of how to use your c-panel, add plug-ins, use widgets, and be confident to make changes on your own later.

The group remains open for 2 months. I’ll poke back in to answer questions during that time. Of course, the best time to be there is during the class.

I’ll help you make some decisions like whether or not you should pay extra for an email address or privacy. I’ll walk you through setting up your security certificate.